Water Transfer Printing – Hydro Dipping

Hydro Dipping is a surface decorating technology allowing you to apply designs and artwork to 3-dimensional items.

Things to know:

The process is also called “Water Transfer Printing” and “hydrographics” (these will be used synonymously throughout this guide). Water Transfer Printing film is made out of a water-soluble material called PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). When applied to the surface of the water, the film will begin to soften and becomes very pliable.

Next, the operator sprays an activator on the film as it is resting on the water, this liquefies the inks in the film and prepares them to adhere to the freshly painted part. After the film is activated, the operator slowly pushes the part through the film. During this process, the inks flow up and around the contours of the part and transfer the pattern seamlessly around the item.

Next, the operator rinses off the residual PVA material and sets the part to air dry. Once the part is completely dry, the operator applies an automotive-grade clear coat over the item. This provides UV protection, scratch resistance, and other protective properties and ensures a long-lasting, durable finish.

Water Transfer Printing – Hydro Dipping

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Water Transfer Printing is a decorative coating technology that allows you to apply detailed patterns and artwork onto 3-dimensional objects. This coating method is used widely for decorating automotive dash panels, aviation bulkheads, rifle stocks, and many other items.